I am Associate Professor Real Estate Finance at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Amsterdam School of Real Estate (ASRE). My research focuses on house price dynamics, house price risk, sustainability, and more broadly urban economics. I am particularly interested in the behavior of households and how we can measure that behavior by looking at house prices.  


I have published in leading journals in my field like Journal of Urban Economics, Journal of Economic Geography, Energy Policy, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Journal of Housing Economics, and Journal of Regional Science. My recent contributions focus on the effect of wind turbines and solar farms on house prices, and the households' willingness to pay (local support) for refugee centers. Martijn Dröes is a Dutch Real Estate Society (VOGON) board member and an executive board member (treasurer) of the European Real Estate Society (ERES).


I teach (Master level) Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate & Alternative Investments, Market Analysis/Statistics (firm location choice), Blockchain/Big data & Real Estate, Sustainability & Real Estate,  and Real Estate Finance and Urban Development (Bachelor level).


I am Research Fellow Real Estate Valuation and Urban Economics at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate. The Amsterdam School of Real Estate is a post graduate teaching institute. My task as research fellow is to bring my scientific knowledge/work to industry via my lectures and publications (outreach) and to guide industry (vision development) regarding Real Estate Valuation and Urban Economics, with a particular focus on sustainability, wealth inequality, externalities, blockchain, and forecasting.